Make Your Own Super Power Conjure Bag

In Northern African magic, sulfur is said to be equal to salt in its magickal qualities for repelling evil entities and conjuring power energy. Sulfur is used as a primary ingredient for banishing spells and exorcisms. Traditionally, sulfur can be burned or carried as a talisman or in a conjure bag. Burning is not adviseable as it is potentially quite irritating. Here are a couple of ways to make power conjure bags using sulfur.

Sulfur Spell Conjure Bag: You will need a piece of red flannel cut into a 2 x 2 inch square (minimum). You can use any red material but in New Orleans flannel is frequently used in hoodoo workings. Place a piece of sulfur in the center and tie the bag using leather or hemp cord. You can also use sulfur powder for this. Activate the bag by attaching a small sword charm to it.

Sulfur Spell Extra Power Conjure Bag: You need a piece of red flannel cut in a 4x4 inch square. Place some or all of the following into the bag: a pinch of sulfur, a pinch of henna or iron oxide, a pich of kohl powder, a pich of graveyard dust or dirt, and a pinch of tobacco. Carry this super power conjure bag with you to give you power over malevolence.


  1. greetings; can one make a conjure bag out of their favorite material?

  2. Hi Susan, thank you for your comment. Sure, you can technically make a conjure bag out of any material; though, traditionally it was flannel, leather or chamois cloth that was used. Today, most folks will use flannel.

  3. Greetings, Denise - I cannot find your mojo recipe for money. I remember I need red flannel, and some amount of money. Thanks.


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