An Encounter with a Skinwalker in the Heartland

Investigating paranormal phenomenon is something I have enjoyed doing ever since I was a kid. My friends and I were like kids in a candy store in New Orleans because there are a never-ending number of haunted places to explore. One of my favorite investigations we did this year was in the summer in Iowa City. I was contacted by a couple of people who indicated they were in dire need of a consultation. They were clearly freaked out so I set aside some time to meet with them in person. When we met, they proceeded to tell me that they had been confronted by a skinwalker. Knowing my heritage and background in Native American spiritual phenomenon, they felt I would be able to help them.

My first thought was...a skinwalker in Iowa? This is not the most common occurrence in the Midwest, that is for sure. It intrigued me. So I agreed to investigate further.

First, let me give you a little background in skinwalkers so you have an idea of what I am talking about. Speaking about skinwalkers is a sensitive subject and I don't do so lightly. It is not something that is typically discussed outside of native society, and I have attempted to approach the subject with the utmost respect.

A skinwalker, or yee naaldlooshii as they are called in Navajo (meaning "he goes on all fours" or something to that effect), is a person who has the ability to shapeshift into animal form. Specifically, the Navajo believe that a skinwalker is a type of witch who uses their supernatural power to transform into animals for the purpose of cursing someone else, for escaping from enemies, or for getting from one place to the other very quickly. Skinwalkers are feared in Navajo society and are sometimes blamed for any number of maladies and even the deaths of community members.

Although skinwalkers are most frequently seen as coyotes, wolves, owls, foxes, or crows, the yee naaldlooshii is said to have the power to assume the form of any animal they choose, depending on the specific ability needed.

It is worthwhile noting that witches and witchcraft are viewed differently in Navajo tradition than in the European tradition. Whereas witches in the European tradition are differentiated as practitioners of black, white, or grey magick, witches in Navajo society are frowned upon because they represent evil, pure and simple. As such, they are greatly feared. The most common type of Navajo witchcraft centers around the ritual called the Witchery Way or Corpse-poison Way. The Witchery Way is believed to have been invented by First Man and First Woman and is accounted for in the Navajo Creation Story.

Skinwalkers usually learn their art from a parent, grandparent, or spouse. Most of the time, they are men. Women are only believed to be witches if they are old and childless. The initiation into the Witchery Way involves murdering a close relative, such as a sibling, and engaging in other cultural taboos such necrophilia, grave-robbing, and incest.

The medicine of Witchery Way centers around powdered corpses, known as "corpse poison". The best sources for this bad medicine are the fingerprints and the skull bones from corpses of children, especially twins. This Corpse Poison is said to look like the corn pollen used in blessing ceremonies; however, it is used to curse and harm, as opposed to bless and sanctify.

The effect of the Witchery Way is illness caused by curse. A person who has ingested corpse poison will immediately display symptoms like fainting, swelling of the tongue, or lockjaw. Sometimes, the victims experience a slow and miserable wasting away from what seems to be a normal disease. When the disease does not respond to conventional medicine or traditional ceremonials, it is believed to have been caused by a witch.

Skinwalkers practice their own ceremonies, spells and rituals. They typically gather somewhere in a secluded spot and are hard to locate by conventional means. They operate in absolute secrecy. They travel to and from their meeting places in shapeshift form, and resume their human form when they return. In what is reminiscent of a Black Mass, the witches' ceremonies parody the good sing as they sit in a circle, naked except for masks, jewelry, and paint like that used in normal ceremonies, and surrounded by their supply of corpse-flesh and ash.

Sometimes skinwalkers are tracked and eliminated. A medicine man and good friend of mine taught me how to identify their footprints. One time, I found a set of footprints near our home on the reservation that seemed to resemble the prints of a witch in transition. There was the heel of a bare human foot and the toes of a large coyote. Sometimes their shadows can be seen wandering around the desert. Other times, they attend community functions in full human form, although it is apparent that they are more than merely human. Skinwalkers are a fascinating, albeit dangerous cultural phenomenon.

Interestingly, it is believed that geese are excellent guardians against skinwalkers.

Now, onto our investigation into an encounter with a skinwalker in the Heartland.

Two women (we will call them Lilly and Mary) called after a close encounter with what they believed to be a skinwalker. They felt the entity had attached itself to them and needed my assistance.

One day they discussed going out at spirit hour as a bit of adventure. At the last minute, they decided to go for a walk on a path in Iowa City near a bean field, a walking path.

According to Lilly:

"So then we smudged at about 2:40 am and this time the smudging felt a little uneasy. My walk was hastened like I had a destination although there wasn’t really a destination it was just a journey. We walked a ways and Mary asked what am I in a hurry for and I said I had no idea. I was trying to consciously slow my pace but it took great effort to do so. We are walking down the path, the moon was very bright, trying to look around as I have never been on this path before. I looked around and saw some strange sculptures that looked like they were made of iron. As we walked down the path I could hear the flowing of the creek, and we walked to a crossroads where there was a bench so we sat down at the bench which is just after the crossroads just listening to the sounds and watching the little creatures, seeing the reflection of the moon in their eyes.

I looked over and saw a little animal about ten feet away, couldn’t tell what it was, couldn’t tell what it was because its movement wasn’t like a squirrel or rabbit and didn’t move like either which was rather odd. The other thing that was odd was that its eyes were black…no reflection like all the other animals. At that time the clouds began to cover the moon. Right before we saw the creature, Mary changed her stance from casual and comfortable to guarded and protective, and Mary turned towards me side ways sort of straddling the bench. I was sitting facing the path as she turned facing me.

So then we see this creature, and Mary said it was a spirit animal and began explaining to me about spirit animals. Not creatures we see every day. Mary saw somebody coming down the path and I looked; I see him way down the path and I turn back and I said that’s weird but then we said “yeah but we’re here” and then I turn to look again and he was about 20 feet away, dressed all in black. He had a black front brimmed hat, and was wearing big huge black or very dark brown sunglasses. His pants made a swishing sound, very baggy jogging pants, with a jacket just below the waist, baggy, zipped closed with a collar, no neck because of a collar, couldn’t see a face, saw skater style shoes like vans, like baggy clothes on a skeleton, flat soles on shoes. Hair coming out of the bottom of the hat curled out from under the hat all around from nape to sides. His hair looked greasy.

Then I watched him as he was pretty damn close and went from 30 feet to 10 feet in a in a split second. Got really terrified. I said “what is that?”  He had been walking in a straight line and once about 10 feet away he came directly towards us with his “non eyes” fixed on us. Changed direction without changing speed, stayed completely perpendicular to the ground while he changed course."

According to the women, Lilly dove into Mary with her head down. Mary was still looking and he came within 6 inches of them and they felt a very cold breeze. His footwork was not altered, actually the footwork was a shuffle. Then, he arcs right back out to the path and going parallel into a shuffle run, his feet were moving like an old man but his feet didn’t lift from the ground and he was moving in lightening speed. He came from the crossroads. He did his speed shuffle away, they watched him go and Mary couldn’t look back, as she was too frightened. Lilly looked back and saw him moving away going away from the crossroads. They got up and left walking back towards the crossroads in the direction of the car.

They kept walking back down the path chanting “Imagine yourself being surrounded by white light, we are being protected, we are surrounded by light.” Lilly is demanding to know what it was, Mary wouldn’t tell her, they stopped at a lilac bush and smelled them for comfort.

They got to the car and Lilly asked again what was that? Mary finally told her what she thought it was, that it was a skinwalker. What is a skinwalker?

They get back to Mary's, felt the need to smudge, still had goosebumps, and had the extreme urge to change clothes immediately because it felt like it was clinging onto everything. Smudging up into clothes and pants trying to warm up because they were freezing cold despite it being a mild spring evening. The entity attached itself to them and the following day is when I got the phone call for help. They wanted to know: How to get rid of this skinwalker?

I asked Mary and Lilly if they would take me to the place where this happened. They agreed but wanted to know what I was going to do to keep them safe.

We agreed to go to the same place at 3:00 in the morning. I told them I was going to petition Papa Legba who is the guardian of the crossroads and ask him for help. It was lightly raining the entire time we were there and the wind was blowing very hard, which made creating a veve out of cornmeal nearly impossible...

After the ritual, my son saw a black figure cross the path. He said he felt uneasy…not scared, just extra aware of a presence. My assistant Barbara also felt a strong presence of Legba in particular.

After the ritual,  we walked back down the path towards the car. I noticed a black figure in the field that looked like maybe a medium sized animal that was watching us as it seemed to be moving. My assistant also saw the figure and I tried to photograph the figure but nothing showed up. We couldn’t see its eyes. When I tried to photograph the figure all I got was this:

I couldn’t capture the black figure, but then this appeared:

My assistant asked Ogun who is her guardian loa (spirit) if we could go closer and see it. I have to admit I wanted to try to get a closer shot, but then my camera died. So we got our answer. Damn…then we left.

This is the basic story which does not really capture the intensity of the emotions and experiences of the people involved.

There is a lot to be said about skinwalkers. I was not convinced that it was a skinwalker because the people involved were not Navajo, although Mary was adopted and taught the way of the sacred pipe which is one of the sacred rites of the Lakota, and Lilly is of Cherokee ancestry. My son is half Navajo, I am Creole (Spanish, French and Indian) and was married to a full blooded Navajo, lived and worked in Gallup New Mexico and learned a lot about their religion and spirituality. That is why I wanted to see if I could draw the spirit back out and see for myself. The last spirit I could capture on film that evening was an orb (no, it is not the moon):

While in New Mexico, I learned a lot about skinwalkers from several medicine people. They usually wear animal skins and can morph into the skin of the animal it is wearing, often they are just shadows. Only once did I ever see a skinwalker as a man dressed in black similar to what Mary and Lilly described. It is extremely rare to see which is one reason why this case is so intriguing. Skinwalkers are not born skinwalkers. They are considered pratictitioners of witchcraft and taught the skill of skinwalking.

So, no skinwalkers that night which didn't really surprise me. But there was plenty of other cool spiritual phenomenon going on and the experience was well worth the while. I prescribed some spiritual baths for the two women and prayed prayers of protection over them. I am happy to report that they immediately felt released from the negative energy that had attached itself to them once these rituals were performed.

Image credits

Beast of GĂ©vaudan,, 1764 18th-Century depiction of an inordinately woolly-fleeced Beast - a veritable wolf in sheep's clothing! (public domain)

All other photos copyright Denise Alvarado, All rights reserved worldwide.


  1. Thank You for writing this piece, I always wanted to learn what I can about skinwalkers from a Navajo perspective, for I believed I encounter them my self a few different times in my life with never in the end never brought me good or any luck, it seem life would then turn for the worst after a visit. I'm Cherokee, and Gipsy I know alot about shapeshifting threw my own experiences and have been able to do so myself. Most go into an orange ball or a spider. I was never taught not in this life time anyway. My spirit guide Redfeather travels with me and helps me along. Thank You once again.

  2. Fascinating! I only know a little about skinwalkers, and none of that is firsthand knowledge, so I can't comment on that aspect of the story. I have, however, been a paranormal investigator for many years, and I found your photos to be extraordinary. Are there skinwalkers in that location? I can't say, but there certainly is exceptional paranormal activity. I've only once before seen so many orbs shooting up from the ground, and that was in a Civil War cemetery. I know not everyone agrees or believes in this, but the paranormal investigators I've worked with would agree you were in the middle of a vortex area where nearly anything is possible. In any case, thank you for a most interesting story.


  4. Hi I am having very bad things happen to me that maybe some of you may be interested in. It is too much to fit here but i have the whole story typed up my email is and at first i did know what was happening to me now it is becoming more clear i am cursed by this thing called skinwalker which i now dont even like to type say or think. the things that have happened to me are very scary and some are hard to believe for others even for me. if anyone would like to hear my story please email me or i will post it here in pieces.

  5. hello, i already posted once, uhm wondering if you want to hear my story. It's pretty scary,not for the weak of heart.

  6. Hello, I have a little cherokee blood (1/4)but i believe i too have seen something bad(i don't even want to type

    that name out). It started when i placed my home on a stretch of land that may have been used to cross over into 2

    different wood i have been told by local cherokee natives that as the wood and secret?" places dwindle that we end

    up living where these things happen? Anyway it all started one foggy moonless night i was letting the deep rolling

    w.v. hills lull me as my small car groaned up the road at a sad 30 mph through fog that could pass for pea soup. I

    remember watching that fog roll across the road and glad to be about home for a drink when i broke down to about

    20mph suddenly for what seemed like a deer about to cross. as i closed a gap of about 25ft down to 10 it seemed to

    skid or scuttle across the road in an unnatural manner blurred by the fog and what looked like a birds wings beating

    fast like a hummingbird. As it crossed i saw what appeared to be a black and white dog with the white underneath but

    the white and black seemed to move independently like the hair was sagging just draped over and some white horrible

    scuddling thing was underneath, then it came to a complete stop. It stopped on the opposite side of the road which

    was the right side i was driving on closer to me and it stood up i swear it did whatever it was it didnt look normal

    and i saw no reflection of eyes but i know it looked me in the face...right in the eyes as i passed in my dark


    1. Samantha! What phenomenal you have witnessed was the "Mothman or the New Jersey Devil"...

  7. Way to use your Warrior Spirit unali ! You have such a fire inside and you let it burn bright and have no problem sharing it with others. A true sign of a Medicine Person. Aho ! Wado !

  8. Thank you, unali. I am glad you enjoyed the story. It was quite the unusual experience, that's for sure. Skinwalkers are not bound to any region, they can traverse time and space and could easily be sent to Iowa or Alabama if that is where they are sent. So while it is quite possible there was a skinwalker, I am not sure who would have sent it or why. It would seem to be a rogue spirit of a different nature.

    That said, as you know my ex is FBI - Navajo. There was a skinwalker who was sent to us in Iowa once, confirmed by a Navajo medicine man. We had a working done for protection and he sent four geese to let us know...they flew right over the house. We knew at that moment we we protected. Geese are like the only animals who can protect from skinwalkers. They are guardians and their bodies cannot be hijacked for nefarious purposes like dogs can (when it comes to skin walkers).

  9. Denise, I think I've been having some trouble with a skinwalker, or something very similar from the research I was able to do. Naturally it needs to go no matter what, but my friends and I have no clue how to go about doing so. Do you have any feasible solutions for us? Nowhere else really talks at length about getting rid of these creatures. I'm concerned as to what may happen in the future as I've already dealt with a possible possession from this creature, as well as many miscellaneous encounters with it, weather it actually is a skinwalker or not. It has moved things around in my room, turned off lights, chased me, as well as my friends and loved ones, and it knows my name. It could easily be said that I find this very disconcerting, especially since this has been going on and escalating since 2009. If you could email me at so we could discuss this in a more private manner it would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

    Miranda (and company)


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