Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to Perform a House Cleansing

One of the most frequent questions I get from people is that of how to get rid of negative energy in the home. Sometimes the energy is defined as spirits, ghosts, evil entities, or just a general negative vibe. Regardless of the type of negative energy, it is necessary to start by performing a home cleansing. Sometimes, you have to do this more than once, particularly if the energy is pervasive or just downright stubborn.

To perform a home cleansing, you will need some sage or cedar or sandalwood incense or holy water. You can also use some holy anointing oil to anoint the entrances to your home, such as doorways and windows.

This ritual calls for a spiritual practice called “smudging” wherein objects, people, or spaces are lightly covered with the smoke of incense, or the smoke of smoldering herbs such as cedar or sage. Simply light the incense or herbs and fan the smoke with your hand or a large feather. Offer the smoke to the helper Spirits by fanning it to the west, north, east, south, heaven, and earth and respectfully ask them to help you clear the area of all negativity.

Begin fumigating the area, beginning with the doorway. Smudge it, and all of the corners moving from the floor up, going clockwise. Smudge everyone present, starting from their front, going from their feet to their head. Have them turn around and repeat the procedure. Next use some Holy Water and sprinkle it (or you may place it in a spray bottle so that you can mist it) on the floor of the room or area you wish to have blessed. Mist each corner and move to the center of the room. Anoint the window sills and doorways of your home with holy anointing oil. As you are doing this, repeat the prayer of protection:

Prayer of Protection

The light of God surrounds me
The Love of God enfolds me
The power of God protects me
The presence of God watches over me
Wherever I am, God is
And all is well.

You may now thank God, the helper Spirits, or whatever Divine spirit you deem to be your Higher Power for their special attention.

Express your love, say “So be it”, and say goodbye. Your space is now properly cleansed.

At this point, you could bury a medal of St. Benedict in your front yard and/or carry one on your person for added protection. Email me if you need one and don't know where to get one and I will send one to you. Just pay for the postage.

For some more prayers check out this ebook Sacred Prayers.

For a nice place to focus and meditate online, please visit the Virtual Voodoo Temple.


  1. Great article. I was wondering how I can get a St. Benedict medal? How much is the shipping?


  2. Fascinating work, as always. I use that Prayer (though modified to my beliefs) in my protection when getting involved with a Paranormal investigation.

    It works.


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