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Planet Voodoo's Gumbo Ya Ya - Voodoo Cache at Devil's Bayou

I found some funny but cool videos by Tru TV in my Google feed this morning.These guys are a hoot. I was hoping they would dig up one of Louisiana’s infamous Voodoo doll coffin spells, lol, but alas, no coffin and no doll. However, they did find some things equally as interesting. You have to check out what the guys found…a veritable Voodoo cache at Devil’s Bayou, where one of the old Voodoo Queens used to hold her Voodoo ceremonies.

The Voodoo Queen at this area would not have been Marie Laveau. According to New Orleans Folklore and paranormal expert Alyne Pustanio, she says it could have been a woman known as Black Cat Coteau.

In the other video Voodoo Queen's Land, see if you think there is any connection between what they found...

Screen shot from Video Devil's Cache
and this...  

War Water from Planet Voodoo

Read more and find the link to the other video on Planet Voodoo's Gumbo Ya Ya Ezine- Voodoo Cache at Devil's Bayou.

*The first image is a screen shot from Voodoo Queen’s Land by Tru TV located The image is used under terms of their copyright: “You may use material from this site and other sites controlled by truTV only for your own personal, non-commercial use.”

The second image is copyright 2012 Denise Alvarado, All rights reserved worldwide.

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